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Now is the time for full skin check

Early detection is the key to survival of skin cancers like melanoma.

Australia has the highest skin cancer incidence rate in the world; Australians are four times more likely to develop a skin cancer than any other type of cancer. Approximately 2 out of 3 Australians will be diagnosed with skin cancer before the age of 70.

Melanoma is the most common cancers affecting our young Australians and melanoma is the most life-threatening type of skin cancer.

Statistics indicate more than 1200 Australians of all ages die each year from skin cancer and most of these deaths from skin cancer are preventable.

At Elm Rd. our doctors are trained in performing all types of skin cancer checks, including mole mapping, skin lesions and mole removals.

Skin cancer is mostly curable when detected in early stages, so early detection is key.

Take no chances in protecting yourself. Prolonged sun exposure can affect your skin in many ways, from minor skin irritations to redness or sunburn or more complex issues such as pigmentation, scaly or dry skin or even melanoma, a really serious form of skin cancer.

Check out and learn your ABCDEs

  • A is for Asymmetrical – moles with irregular shapes and that have two very different halves
  • B is for Border (irregular) – notched, scalloped or irregular borders
  • is for Colour (changes in) – growths that may have many colours or an uneven distribution of colours
  • D is for Diameter – look for moles that are greater than about 6mm in diameter
  • E is for Evolving – always look out for changes over time. Ones that grow, change in shape and colour, or begin to itch or bleed

If you notice any lesions, pigmentation or moles developing in any area of your skin, we urge you to immediately seek medical advice by our experienced doctors.

Dr Ahmed and Dr Chirath are available for skin cancer checks from Tuesday to Thursday and Saturday at Elm Rd.

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