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Working at Elm Rd. gives you the chance to be the GP, Nurse or Medical receptionist you want to be, truly connecting with your patients and improving the health of your local community.

Elm Rd. offers a refreshing change from conveyor-belt medicine. You’ll provide accessible healthcare in a mixed billing practice. You’ll provide convenient care in a practice that uses new technologies and maintains a strong social media presence. And you’ll provide preventive care through periodic community seminars where you can respond to local needs, educate patients and get to know them better.

We recruit capable, committed, caring general practitioners who support one another, both professionally and personally. We offer a comfortable working environment with modern facilities and equipment plus the convenience of on-site parking. And we’re eager to grow, adding more sites and more services so that our medical centre has a powerful impact on its local community.

If you’re a GP who shares our vision for better healthcare embedded in the local community, then please contact us today. We can’t wait to hear from you.

Current Vacancies

We’re looking for both vocationally registered GPs and Non-VR GPs and Nurses who are comfortable engaging with their community and capable of making a real difference in the healthcare of local residents.

For a confidential chat, please reach out to us on

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